Mission and Vision


CCRDA strives to strengthen members’ efforts towards effective national and community development through advocacy, networking, partnership, and capacity strengthening.


CCRDA envisions a poverty-free Ethiopia with vibrant CSOs and assured social justice.



As a lead coordinator of both development and humanitarian organizations, CCRDA is guided by humanitarian principles of do not harm where members are encouraged to be independent, neutral, and impartial.

Transparency and Accountability

Through its actions, policies, and procedures CCRDA will endeavor to remain transparent and accountable, answerable to the public, its membership, partners, and supporters. It will also uphold the same principles to its members’ so that we can collectively build public trust.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

CCRDA will embrace and celebrate diversity of its members’ and communities it collectively serves. In all its policies and actions CCRDA will be inclusive where discrimination by gender, sex, culture, ethnicity, disability, or other form of discrimination is not tolerated by its secretariat and members.

Service Quality

CCRDA is committed to continuous improvement of its capacity strengthening services to its members and expects its members to deliver quality services to their constituencies and be effective organizations.

Leading by example

CCRDA will be a center of excellence and innovation for good practices where members, large and small will strive to adopt, replicate and the principles and practices of CCRDA.

Rights Driven

All CCRDA programs, operations, funding, partnerships, and capacity building activities will be led and evaluated by rights lens.


  • Enable members to become leaders of civil society in networking, advocacy and partnership building at all levels.
  • Enhance the professional and institutional capacity of CCRDA members to engage in rights-based programs and be credible CSO leaders.
  • Strengthen member CSOs to create all rounded empowered, questioning community/society.
  • Strengthen the communication, information sharing and knowledge management system to make CCRDA an information hub of the CSOs.
  • Improve CCRDA is coordination, institutional and technical capability to become a leading civil society organization which inculcates civil society culture.