To provide services to its members and to build its own capacity that such services be effective, and to engage in emergency responses as necessary, CCRDA mobilizes on average Birr 30 million per annum.

CCRDA resource mobilization efforts have been based on shared programs and common priorities with its donors as well as the pursuit of result-oriented management as a strategic approach to its interventions. This has helped CCRDA to maintain an excellent relation with its traditional donors and partners to broaden its fund base.

The redirection of CCRDA’s activities in favor of networking, lobbying and good governance has received positive replies from donor agencies. Donors have made suggestions and remarks along the new course for CCRDA to become and more advanced and innovative towards the emergence of a vibrant civil society in Ethiopia. This has contributed immensely to enable the Consortium not only to hold on but increase its donor partners’ commitment and confidence.

Until recently, CCRDA’s resource base was almost entirely external, and this funding source remains to be the dominant one. Nevertheless, CCRDA is increasingly aware that more attention needs to be given to local sources.  Accordingly, CCRDA has been actively looking for domestic fund sources and has turned inward in resource mobilization efforts. The emergence of the Delegated Resources and the financial contributions of members to CCRDA’s Training Center are two indicators in this regard. Since 2003, mandated grants of Birr 39,758,838.45 have been secured as a result of inward-looking fundraising strategy.

Transparency and accountability remain central to the fund utilization strategy of the CCRDA. Timeliness of the review of fund mobilization and its utilization by externally appointed auditors and sharing of the audit findings with members and donors is the cornerstone of CCRDA Management. This is one reason for many of the CCRDA external donors, especially traditional CCRDA Donor partners, to remain committed to the causes of the Consortium.