History and Evolution

The Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA) is a legally registered non-profit membership organization of NGOs/CSOs operating in Ethiopia.  Established in 1973 by 13 NGOs, it has been operational for half a century (50 years) and still growing in membership, representation, and engagement.  CCRDA has its physical presence in Addis Ababa City where it has a large complex that houses offices, training & conference facilities, and cafeteria.  In addition, it has regional chapters in six of the 12 regions of the country.  Currently CCRDA membership has reached 469 legally registered international and national CSOs engaging in long term development, advocacy, humanitarian, and human rights activities.  CCRDA envisions a poverty free Ethiopia with vibrant CSOs and assured social justice.

The coming into effect of the new CSO law in 2018 and the spirit of the national transformation agenda of the government is one of the catalysts for CCRDA and members to undertake the reposition exercise to remain relevant to the new context so as to advance the mission of the network and embrace the existing new change.


The CCRDA relief and rehabilitation engagement continued until 1998 which was the major turning point as it embarked on a planned strategic reorientation for the first time in its history.  Since then, the Consortium has developed the culture of guiding its actions with strategic plans supported by democratic governance and visionary leadership.  The development of CCRDA’s strategic plan has always been participatory. It has involved key stakeholders in the process thereby, allowing a sense of ownership. The first strategic plan was prepared in 1997. It guided CCRDA’s operations for almost 12 years and it had been a guide for the engagement of the organization in development, capacity building and creation of an enabling environment for the CSOs.