About Us

Who we are

Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Associations (CCRDA) is an indigenous non-profit umbrella organization. It is a Consortium of Ethiopian Resident Charities and Foreign Charities implementing various development activities such as food security, rural and urban development, HIV/AIDS prevention and control, environmental protection and gender mainstreaming, etc. It is the first legally registered association of NGOs/CSOs operating in Ethiopia.

CCRDA is engaged in several activities which include creation of an enabling environment for CSOs, resource mobilization, experience sharing, capacity building and ensuring professional standards and effective delivery of services through promoting ethical standards.

CCRDA was initially formed to coordinate efforts of few organizations that responded to the humanitarian exigencies of the 1973/74 famine. Since then, it has increased its members and expanded its services. Beginning the early 1990s the Consortium shifted to the following intervention areas:

  1. Building professional capacity and organizational development of its members through multifaceted interventions.
  2. Facilitating information exchange and networking among CSO and with other agencies which are engaged in development interventions.
  3. Promoting an enabling environment for greater contribution of CSOs to the development endeavors of Ethiopia.
  4. Promoting ethics and accountability within member organizations for an enhanced impact and development effectiveness.

The Logo

The CCRDA Logo is composed of the name and the logo which is a traditional Ethiopian Cross. The cross is a reminder of the Association’s early roots as an organization that mobilized various churches in Ethiopia to respond to the grave humanitarian situation at the time. Today, CCRDA’s membership has broadened significantly and many secular and non-Christian religious organizations have joined the Consortium, motivated by a basic commitment to serve all rather than to promote any religious values. As such, the Consortium is mindful of its stated value to be inclusive, that membership and their staff come from a diverse range of faith and secular backgrounds.