On-going Projects

CCRDA-FMoH Partnership RIF Project

Introduction to the project:

  • Reproductive Innovative Fund-II(RIF) project is has been implemented from August 2016 to June 2018 in 31 woredas, where twenty (20) of them are found in Ethiopia Somali Regional State (ESRS), while eleven (11) of them are in


  • Significant Increase in the Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) in the target Woreda (through increasing the number of women FP service users and addressing multifaceted social, geographical, religious and cultural barriers)
  • Raise Demand for RMNH services in the target areas. (Through raising awareness, addressing socio-economic empowerment of women, in line with strengthening government health and community structures and also enhancing service providers’ accountability.)
  • Reduce Maternal and Child Mortality and Morbidity (through scalable, simple and innovative approaches that improves access to focused ANC services, skilled birth attendance (SBA) and PNC

Implementation Strategies:

  • Community mobilization, partnership and using the ‘indigenous social asset’:
  • Building on the existing Health System and Structures for increased MRNH uptake
  • Recognizing Institutional Delivery and Home Delivery Free Kebeles (HDFKs)
  • Social and Economic Empowerment – Self Help and Social Empowerment through Life Skill Approach
  • Construct Culturally Adapted Maternity house/maternity waiting rooms
  • Improving Accountability of Service Providers
  • Commemorate ‘Save Motherhood Week’
  • Promoting Institutionalization of Minimum NBC and PNC Package

Implementing Partners:

  • Organization for Welfare & Development in Action
  • Redeem the Generation
  • OIC International

Major Achievements

  • 361 HEWs trained on community engagement Approach and its rollout process
  • 161 health service providers trained on youth friendly RMNH service expansion and quality service enhancement
  • 24,947 community members mobilized for utilization of Key RMNH services
  • More than 134,000 women utilized the RMNH services in the catchment areas
  • 15 Health Centers furnished with new solar power energy and 5 health centers equipped with water supply schemes
  • 17 Health centers strengthened in HMIS data management system
  • 8 new MWH constructed and 5 existing MWR strengthened
  • 21 health centers strengthened in new born corners lifesaving equipment’s and supplies
  • 23,028 community, leaders, religious clan leader sensitized on RMNH
  • 13 school clubs established and strengthened
  • 2750 IEC/BCC materials on RMNCH printed and disseminated to all health facilities in the catchment areas
  • 549 women SHGs members trained on business skill
  • 500 adolescent girls, boys, married men and women empowered on RMNH service utilization
  • 220 RMNH good will ambassador trained on gender equality , HTP etc
  • 14 health centers board members established and strengthened
  • 215 health facility board members and health service providers trained on accountability and responsiveness of service provision
  • 9 Health Centers rolling out complaint handling systems