Programs Partners


Introduction to the project

To enhance the capacities of member CSOs that are operating in Ethiopia, the Consortium initiated, designed and implemented a PG Program in Development Management. CCRDA has also forged partnerships and collaborations with international funding organizations such as BMSF to support its PG Training Program and with local higher learning academic institutions named Ambo University to host and run the program.

The Postgraduate Program is expected to enhance the capacity of CSOs/NGOs in the national development endeavors, particularly in the area of HIV and AIDS responses, particularly in the areas of program management, implementation, resource mobilization and management, result-tracking, monitoring and evaluation. In accordance with the main strategic objectives of building the capacity of its member organizations, CCRDA has launched a Postgraduate Program in Development Management in March 2014 and continued the II phase of the program.


  1. To enhance the capacities of 100 CSOs operating in hard to reach areas of the country
  2. To improve the performance of members through need-based and quality-focused academic program;
  3. To build the capacity of women leaders heading member NGOs
  4. To build the capacities of 10 BMSF-Secure the Future development partners operating in Ethiopia through need based short-term training and technical backstopping

Implementing Partners

The implanting partner for BMSF-PG program is local higher learning academic institutions named Ambo University to host and run the program.

Major Achievements

  • The enhancing of CSOs member organization knowledge and skill and the positive impact created on their work environment
  • The continuation of PG Diploma Curriculum; and possible upgrading of the program to Masters level by Ambo university upon demand assessment/ feedback from stakeholders
  • The program have helped members to share their work experience
  • The program has strengthened the engagement of academic and CSOs to work together