Programs Partners


CCRDA manages four Joint poverty alleviation programs namely CRDA/Sida Environmental Protection and HIV/AIDS Program, CRDA/Irish Aid Anti HIV/AIDS program, CRDA/Packard Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Programs as well as Geneva Global HIV/AIDS Program. CRDA also manages the fund of Project Concern International/PCI/.

The Core Group Ethiopia, the Nile Basin Initiative and the Taskforce Enabling Environment are also housed and administered under CRDA auspices.The total of program budget for the first five programs planned for 2009 amounted more than 39.3 million. Region wise, these programs are spread across various regions of Ethiopia benefiting millions of compatriots in different age range.

The Programs under this result area have enabled members to access dearly needed development funds for various development interventions. In consequence, sub grantees have managed to serve millions of compatriots by raising awareness and fostering behavioral changes. Other thousands are also covered through door –to door services, protection of orphan and vulnerable children, creation of livelihood means for the infected and affected, expanding education and reproductive health services.

The intervention in agriculture and environmental protection has helped in increasing the productivity of farmers through modern and organic farming as well as massive reforestation. Millions of seedlings were planted and new and commercial crops were adopted.