Ethiopian Civil Society Health Forum (ECSHF)

Introduction to the project

Ethiopian Civil Societies Health Forum is one of the seven forums operating under the auspices of CCRDA. It was established in Feb. 2012 by 20 interested CSOs with the aim of representing and coordinating the collective efforts of CSOs to achieve national health sector development together. The forum also elected eight steering committee members which play leadership role and give direction for the Forum. It was also launched by His Excellency Dr. Keseteberhan Admasu, Minister of the Federal Ministry of Health, on February 4, 2013. Since its establishment, the Forum has registered remarkable achievements such as conducting different panel discussions, workshops and trainings, development of CSOs directory and website, participation in African Vaccination Week and representation in various regional forums and National HSDP Annual Review Meetings.


General Objective

The main objective of the project is to facilitate and coordinate the collective efforts of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in order to achieve National Health Sector Development Program and Strengthening Health System in Ethiopia.  

Specific Objectives

  • Engage members of the Forum to actively involved in the policy dialogue and exchange of information
  • Enhancing the collaboration between the government and civil society organizations in Ethiopia
  • Building the capacity of members by organizing different training, workshops and panel discussion sessions
  • Improving networking, partnership and collaboration between CSOs to reduce duplication of efforts
  • Promoting contribution of CSOs in the sector
  • Improving Forum’s capacity, representation and visibility

Implementation Strategies

The following are the major strategies for the project implementation process:

  • Use CCRDA’s regional coordination office as a front line office to organize regional events
  • Invite Ministry of Health, Charity and Society Agency, Media, development partners and regional GOs on policy discussions
  • Documentations and lesson learning
  • Building synergy among CSOs
  • Using different means of communication to promote activities
  • Strategic partnership with donors, private sector and other similar networks

Implementing Partners

  • All the form members are the implementing partners of the forum

Major Achievements

  • Ethiopian Civil Societies Health Forum (ECSHF) conducted steering committee meetings monthly and monitored the day to day operation of the Forum;
  • the Forum represented CSOs on African Ministerial Conference on immunization organized during the reporting period at African Union;
  • A two-days National Immunization Conference that brought together immunization practitioners, donors, partners, CSOs, media and other stakeholders was organized and conducted under the Theme: “Ensuring Quality and Equity of Immunization Program in Ethiopia: The role of CSOs”;
  • The forum also conducted its General Assembly meeting and member of the Forum was participated;
  • The Forum has also conducted a study emphasizing CSOs’ contribution towards national immunization Program;
  • It organized a panel discussion on SRH issues in humanitarian emergency crisis situation;
  • It also represented CSOs on the world TB days celebrated at Dire Dawa and TBL annual review meeting organized at Hawasa city and also the forum facilitated TB integration sensitization workshops at Bahirdar and Mekele town;