Ethics Panel

About EP

The Ethics Panel of CCRDA is the custodian of the Code of Conduct (CoC) of CCRDA members. The Panel has nine (9) members elected by the General Assembly of CCRDA and is directly accountable to the latter. According to Article 24 of the CoC , the Panel is responsible  to  promote  ethical standard and ensure its  adherence by signatories.

Similarly, Article 26 stipulates that the Panel has a mandate to oversee, implement and manage the CoC.   Among others, the Panel is expected to collect documents, undertake studies and research, organize seminars and disseminate information related to the implementation of the Code.

Other responsibilities of the Panel Include:  collecting reports from signatories, handling complaints and interpreting the Code, conducting visit of signatory organizations, providing quality assurance certificate, awarding and recognizing signatories with exceptional performance in implementing the CoC.

Contact address:


Office of the Ethics Panel

Phone number:- +251 911 405522/+251 114392394


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia