CRDA/Packard and Lucile Foundation IPHE program

CRDA/Packard and Lucile Foundation IPHE program.

The second phase of the CRDA/Packard’s integrated population, Health &environment program-(IPHE) is a three year (2009-2011) program designed to be implemented in the also entered an separate implementation agreements with CRDA for specific project implementations and signed operational agreements with their local governments for involvement and due supports for the integrated approach.

Based on their proposals and annual work plan and budget and checking their update registration, CRDA released the first six month budget of Birr and checking their updated registration, 1,206,535.00 as first installments on June2009 with due orientation on M&E and reporting formalities. All PIPs launched their respective projects in government representatives from eight worededas thereby forming 12 Woredas and 43 Kebele Project Advisory Committees (PAC).

The program has carried out various capacities building program of technical, material and financial mature. Among these, Over 17,240 text and reference books, general treading and teaching aids valued over Birr 2 million were donated by the Packard foundation and have been distribute to schools and Youth Centre libraries in eight project areas. 790 books were also distributed to universities in south Ethiopia throuth Education Bureau and 421 of them were retained for the CRDA Resource Centre as public references.

The books were free gifts secured from Books for Africa and all shipping and handling costs worth over 12500 USD and inland expenses of over 100,000 were covered by the funding organization. The government of Ethiopia allowed tax free importation of the books.

On the other hand, various clubs of forestations and reproductive health campaigns were established. Over 16 events were organized. In these events and average of 20-30 in school students participated. In separate 3 events, many out of schools youth attended IPHE sensitization sessions organized by project officers and trained youth leaders.

26 HEWs/Health Extension Workers / 62 youth leaders, girls’ club leaders were trained in IPHE organized by IMPACT, WDA, and GADA. 1650 students (1400 boys & 250 girls) were trained in environmental protection, soil conservation tree plantation in Kambatta Zone and they planted 3067 various tree seedlings. 25.8 students also attended RH/HIV/HTP education in 8 Kebeles of Kambatta Zone, CRDA/ Packard further trained 37 development workers, project officers recruited from woreda sector offices and implementation partners for five days on IPHE programming and implementation.

CRDA/Packard Foundation donating books to regional youth centers & schools in South.