About Us

Vision, Mission, Goal, Objectives & Values

Vision Statement

To see a poverty-free Ethiopia with a vibrant civic society and assured social justice.

Mission Statement      

CCRDA is a consortium of local and international charities that facilitates an enabling environment for its members and enhances their effective, meaningful and coordinated contribution to national development endeavors.

Core Values: CLASSIC

  • Caring for the poor and underserved
  • Learning constant innovation and adaption
  • Achieving through performance and result orientation
  • Solidarity with national and regional development actors
  • Sensitive to national and global injustice, gender inequality and environmental changes
  • Integrity of institution and profession
  • Commitment to serve humanity

Overarching Strategic Goal

Enhance organizational and developmental effectiveness through an enabling environment and tailored capacity building services.

Strategic Theme

Excellence, Consolidation and Quantum Leap

Strategic Issues and Implementation Strategies

Six strategic priorities have been identified, the strategic issues, strategic objectives, and core implementation strategies are presented as follows.

CCRDA’s Strategic Objectives

CCRDA’s strategic core objectives for 2016-2020 will be:-

  • Facilitate an enabling environment through constructive dialogue, networking and principled partnership for a smooth operation of member organizations;
  • Enhance ethical and accountable governance within the membership;
  • Enhance development effectiveness of members through tailored capacity building interventions and improvement of professionalism of members’ staff;
  • Increase the development contribution of members and their coordinated humanitarian response by jointly mobilizing humanitarian funds and development grants;
  • Define the organizational identity of the Association, improve the image of members and the CSO sector through image building, tracking their development contributions and enhanced development communication;
  • Enhance the coordination and harmonization capacity of the Secretariat for consolidated and sustained operation of the Consortium.