About Us

History & Evolution


It was in 1973, the year when a drought-induced famine and displacement ravaged the northern part of Ethiopia that a few organizations agreed to exchange information and coordinate their responses to the grave humanitarian disaster.

The intensity of the crisis called for a coordinated support. Thus, the Christian Relief Fund (CRF) was established to mobilize resources and channel to the needy. Hence, CRF was the seed that gave birth to the Christian Relief and Development Association.

Subsequently, the first constitution of CRDA was drawn up and the Association got registered with the Government of Ethiopia. An office was set up and the first coordinator was employed with an operating system and resources.

Later on, following the enactment of the new Charities and Societies Proclamation (621/2009) CRDA was re-registered as Consortium of Ethiopian Resident Charities, and Foreign Charities and renamed as CCRDA.


In its early days, CCRDA’s entire focus was on coordinating relief efforts of the NGO community in Ethiopia. Its contribution was mainly related to the provision of logistic support in distribution of grain, supplementary food supplies and medicine.

It also availed seeds, oxen and implements (for rehabilitation) to victims of the disaster. The Association also provided funding for income-generating, recovery and reconstruction projects and rehabilitation programs.

In addition, CCRDA helped in early warning activities vis-a-vis famine and drought through its information dissemination services. The coordination office provided fleet services to different parts of the drought-affected regions to help distribute relief food through member NGOs.