CCRDA submitted musical productions to the National COVID 19 Recourse Mobilization Taskforce.

Yesterday, 29 April 2020, alongside the submission of the financial contribution made by the CSOs Taskforce for COVID 19 Emergency Response; musical productions were also submitted to the national taskforce. The music’s are original productions set on original locations of the culture, performed with popular and emerging actors in the respective cultures.

 CCRDA relaying on the power of music and culture to move up the level of awareness, collaborated with GREEN ART and produced the music’s in five local languages: Amharic, Oromiffa, Somali, Tigrigna, and Afarigna.

More than a million birr is invested on the production. The decision was made realizing two factors; one, the power of information, awareness in successfully fighting the COVID infection risk. So far, nothing is as powerful as taking personal responsibility that comes from the proper awareness in checking the spread to a minimum. Two, music and cultural values have potent energy in creating awareness to the vast majority of the people.

CCRDA is grateful to all regions collaborated in the shooting process, and the artists who took the challenge of travelling in the face of the risk posed by the pandemic. We are also grateful to all responsible bodies, like the Federal Agency for Civil Society Organizations and all state actors involved for the successful completion of the task.

The music’s, we believe, will be in air in all national and regional media houses. You can also access it from our official website ( and help the effort by sharing the message and the music’s.