The civil society COVID 19 Emergency Response Ad Hoc Taskforce reached a significant milestone. Yesterday ,late in the afternoon the taskforce leadership submitted more than 3.2 Million Birr of contribution made by the leaders and employees’ at Peace Ministry with the presence of government officials and other guests.

The COVID 19 Emergency Response Ad Hoc Taskforce has been relentlessly working on sensitizing and mobilizing members. The unique direction taken by the leadership in order to set example and accomplish the objective of the emergency response was to contribute their own monthly salary and go to their respective employees’ to present the case. As a result in this first phase, the team was able to collect and submit to the relevant government body – more than 3.2 million birr, of which nearly 3 million was a contribution made from salaries. At the event, all the speakers applauded the personal commitment made by the leaders and employees’ of the civil society. The Taskforce leader and CCRDA’s Executive Director, Nigussu Legessa (PhD) on his part thanked all who have been supportive and promised a sustained support to the national effort in successive phases of the mobilization efforts.

The Federal Agency for Civil Society Organizations, Director General, Ato  Jima Dilbo   and the National Resource Mobilization Executive Taskforce member, Minister, Dagmawit Moges commended the personal commitment and the sense of responsibility shown by the CSOs community in same tone in their speech.