Bright and beautiful morning has passed at CCRDA premise. Keeping at heart the fight we should all fight, every minute. The fight we should not be negligent about, at every minute. Knowing too well every little step to the right direction adds up to our national effort in preventing the COVID 19’s possible spread and the subsequent public health, socio – economic impact. Bearing this in mind CCRDA has delivered sanitary and hygiene materials to Akaki – Kality Sub – City Health Office.

Everybody present was energetic and excited, which was a sure sign about the combative mindset. CCRDA has been working internally and externally as part of the national solidarity in fighting COVID 19. Internally it has been taking the necessary measures to protect its employees. Externally partnering with national task forces, initiatives with the same overarching objectives of securing every life from the grips of the epidemic. One simple step is showing care to our immediate neighbor.  CCRDA, as a socially responsible corporate citizen has started an intimate action from its head office neighborhood to set positive precedent.

Akaki Kality Sub – City has 11 woredas’. To begin the collaboration CCRDA had created a task force, consulted with the zone health office.

The consultation resulted in identifying the gaps which avoids overstepping in some others shoe and resource duplication, as a result,  5 woredas’ selected; 3 hot spots identified from each woreda’s, in total 15 hot spots in 5 woredas have received the material supports to compliment the efforts of the community and the administration on those localities . In the event a tripartite agreement was signed among CCRDA, the sub city’s health office, and Emmanuel Development Association (EDA). The health office will own the project, EDA will administer the operation side of the initiative, and CCRDA will continue its support in a bid to see a success in this grass root response in fighting COVID 19.