Parting ways with our habit

Coronavirus drastically changed the normal life as we know it. For the past three months it has changed everything and it is testing every resource. Of all the resources leadership and organizational aspect of the mobilization are being tested tougher. Keeping the curve flatter, which means delaying the spread so as to avoid the stress on national health systems is what caught the imagination of public health professionals and officials alike in all the developed world where the virus is showing dramatic rise.

In Ethiopia since we heard the news the level of panic and fear is high. However, much could not be said proportionally about the care we are putting in place at the community level. Cognizant of this fact CCRDA’s management took the matter seriously and keeps on reminding its staffs to stay vigilant. It would like to remind its members as well to stay focused and take actions that have values in the risk mitigation effort. This small water tanker is put at the CCRDA gate and all the employees were asked to wash their hands properly early in the morning before they start their working day.

This symbolic exercise is taken to stay focus on what must be done. The one thing that makes the virus a strange enemy is its capacity to hide itself before it strikes. The other thing is its disruptive nature. It demands a break with the habit, one such habit which we are forced to abandon is social gathering in conferences, sporting events, night clubs, theaters…it is challenging but a must do thing. The following pictures show how Italians stayed at home and fighting the boredom of seclusion by chanting. This is what the disruption may cause in its highest stage.  Before facing the same challenge, we should mitigate the risk by doing what seems simple right. The simple things are disruptive, we should learn fast and adapt fast. In the office set up we should take note of taking care of the following details.

    Stay cool. Do what must be done which is by far better than getting panic.