CCRDA Alerted its Management and Staffs on the Threat of the Coronavirus Epidemic

CCRDA’s Executive Director, Dr Nigussu Legesse alerted the association’s management and staff on the threats of the coronavirus epidemic. In a meeting held at the head office the participants have discussed over the renewed update on the spread , which was expressed by WHO  which changed its assessment on the virus and cast it as a global pandemic for the first time since the outbreak. The Executive Director also noted the need for drawing lessons from others and highlighted experiences from massively affected nations like China, Iran, and Italy… and underscored the danger of being caught off guard.

The participants reflected on the need to have timely information, speed in decision and action and also on the importance of having alert state of mind to any possibility further community spread of the virus. The nature of the virus is too dynamic.  Reports from countries across the globe are keep on changing on every hour, taking care accordingly is agreed to be imperative to mitigate and avoid the risk. As we write this post, the number of cases reported reached to five. One can say with certainty it will increase with the coming hours as the number of testing increases. Finally it was agreed on to take care of oneself and the loved ones by staying vigilant, observing the simple advices of the public health professionals.

Washing hands,

Social distancing,

Avoiding hand shake are the simplest measure one can take to minimize the risk.

The Executive Director has also reaffirmed the management’s position of supporting measures of precaution at the institution level and alert staff members and the management to take their individual and collective responsibility seriously.