CCRDA members reestablished the Good Governance Forum

A half day meeting intended to reestablish the CCRDA Good Governance Forum (GGF) was held at CCRDA training room on February 21, 2020. Thirty eight (38) participants (12 are women) representing member organizations attended the meeting.

Dr. Nigussu Legesse, Executive Director of CCRDA delivered a welcoming speech highlighting the timeliness of reestablishing   the Forum to promote accountability,   transparency and good governance at different levels. He noted that the Forum will play a crucial role in the upcoming election and beyond.

Participants of the meeting reflected on the future engagements of the Forums as well as the role of its members. The half day event was concluded upon electing a steering committee of seven members to lead the Forum.  It is to be recalled that the GGF was influential and vibrant before the enactment of the Charities and Societies Proclamation.